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Animal Welfare

Explorekohsamet.com is proud to support the dedicated individuals at Animal Welfare Koh Samet with their non profit efforts to support stray animals. The Reservoir Dogs Project is their most well known project where they routinely feed the 40+ stray dogs that have been discarded over the years at 17.00 everyday at the reservoir. When the team started there were some kindhearted locals trying to feed the dogs but it was a massive ask and with no organisation it lead to lots of  waste. Now food is distributed so that all animals get a fair feed and they have relocated all feeding areas so they are safe from passing traffic and as not to interfere with those exercising around the reservoir.

Apart from the daily feeding routine which is great for keeping the animals well fed and teaching them to trust people this organisation is dedicated to medically supporting animals across the island. If they can help they will, if you see an animal in need please try to take pictures of the dog and its ailment and you can email them to animalskohsamet @ gmail.com and they will see what they can do to to help. They are constantly making plans to have Vets come to the island to help with sterilisation drives to try and curb the number of unwanted animals being born on the island.

If you would like more information about the projects please visit facebook This is a project that the island has been in need of for many years and we at www.explorekohsamet.com are very pleased to be Animal Welfare Koh Samet’s biggest supporters and will continue to support them as they grow.

If you would like to donate towards the Animal Welfare Koh Samet below are bank account details they use to collect donations.

Bangkok Bank

Commonwealth Bank
Sort Code – 063097
Account Number – 12453302

Sort Code – 090127
Account Number – 05581388

The also have a just giving page for donations

Below you will find a list of donations we have received from the beginning to ensure transparency and also celebrate those wonderful people who have helped the Animals of Koh Samet.


01/01/2019 Gaynor & Gus Luurtsema £50
01/01/2019 Janet Manning Shaw £50
01/01/2019 Steve & Sue Janeway – Smith £50
01/01/2019 Zane Longbottom 20Kg Dog food
01/01/2019 Mick Troy 20Kg Dog Food
01/01/2019 Joseph Moore 10Kg Dog Food
04/01/2019 Anonymous Hotel 2000 Thb
05/01/2019  Jan Coxhead £20 Just Giving
05/01/2019 Susan Percival £10 Just Giving
05/01/2019 Eelco Luurtsema £50
05/01/2019  Beau Gutheridge $20
09/01/2019 Sharon Summer £20
09/01/2019 Lizzie monthly contribution 500 Thb
09/01/2019 Kris monthly contribution 500 Thb
09/01/2019 Joseph Moore monthly contribution 500 Thb
09/01/2019 Sue & Emily Merlow monthly contribution 500 Thb

10/01/2019 Brad as a Birthday present to Zane donated 1000 Thb.

11/01/2019 Pandora Resort customer who spoke to Zane wanted to help out as well 1000 Thb.

12/01/2019 John and Jane from Funky Monkey Koh Samet 500 Thb.

19/01/2019 Marieanne and Karol, friends of Fah from Ao Phai 4000 Thb.

To each and everyone of you who has donated we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping support the animals on Koh Samet.