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Bangkok to Koh Samet

Bangkok to Koh Samet route information


The distance from Bangkok to Koh Samet is around 220km. From Bangkok you have several options to get to Ban Phe (the port area where you can get boats to the island). All the public transport options go from the Eastern Bus terminal. This is located just one minute away from Ekkamai BTS station (there are signs inside the station).


Agree the fare before you set off (this is likely to apply to metered taxi’s too, as outside of Bangkok they don’t have to use the meter). You can expect to pay around 2500b. Ask the driver to go to Tarua Phe, Ban Phe, Rayong. Be aware you may have to pay for some toll roads on the route, again this is something to agree before the journey. Bangkok to Koh Samet in a car should take less than 3 hours excluding the boat journey.

Bangkok to Koh Samet Taxi


There are several minibuses from various parts of Bangkok going to Koh Samet every day, they may also be able to pick you up at your hotel. Expect to pay around 300b per person, to arrange this either ask your hotel reception or visit a travel agent. For a cheaper fare of around 200b you can make your own way to the minivan station. The central location that most of the minibuses leave from is at the Eastern Bus Terminal. They can complete the journey to Ban Phe in 3 hours, although it’s not very comfortable and some of the drivers treat the roads like a race track. Please note if you have a lot of luggage then you might have to pay for an extra seat. As of late 2016 you cannot get the minivan from Victory Monument, any advice stating that is out of date.

Bangok to Koh Samet Minivan


If you’re coming from Bangkok to Koh Samet with a lot of luggage and time to spare, then the big bus is your best option. It’s also probably the safest choice. It goes from the Eastern Bus terminal. Buses normally go every hour, although they do sometimes skip one hour. The price is 155b per person, and it goes to Ban Phe bus station which is opposite Nuanthip pier. Sometimes it can be painfully slow, as it takes an indirect route to pick up and drop off passengers, if you’re only on Samet for a short trip we would recommend minibus or taxi. A typical journey time is about 4 hours, although it can be over 5 sometimes.

Please note Bangkok is the only destination from Ban Phe bus station.

The picture below shows the Ekkamai, Bangkok to Koh Samet Bus timetable (Correct as of May 2017), and the Ban Phe to Bangkok bus times. The schedule does occasionally change depending on demand, there are often more buses available on weekends.

Bangkok to ban phe bus

Bangkok to Ban Phe bus times, and Ban Phe to Bangkok bus times.


Koh Samet bus

Ban Phe bus station for buses to and from Bangkok


There are many different piers that provide ferries to Koh Samet in Ban Phe, to minimise the time you wait for a boat we recommend you use either Nuanthip Pier or Tarua Phe. Other piers sometimes charge inflated prices and leave you waiting for longer.


Nuanthip pier Ban Phe

Nuanthip pier

Getting to the island

To get to the island you can either take the slow boat or a speed boat. The slow boat costs 50b per person per trip. Speed boat prices can vary wildly at different times, the price per boat can be between 1400b and 2500b. There are occasionally communal speed boats where you can buy a ticket for around 250b per person. We advise you not to buy return tickets for speed boats as they can be unreliable when you wish to return. The most popular speed boat company is White Shark, operating from Tarua Phe, they are often the best priced and most reliable. The speedboats operating from Nuanthip pier are the best if you’re looking to share a speedboat with other tourists making the journey.

Boat times are generally on the hour from 8am until 6pm. If you are arriving after 6pm you may have to use a speed boat to get to the island. The speed boats run 24 hours, although if you’re coming at an unusual time then you may find that they ask for more money.

Nadan Pier in Koh Samet

Nadan Pier in Koh Samet


Koh Samet pier

Nadan Pier