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Getting around on Samet

Getting around on the island

The island has lots of green pick up truck taxis, the minimum fare is 150b for a fairly short distance, so it’s great for groups, but for individuals or couples it’s often a better idea to rent a motorcycle. The roads on Samet have been recently renovated and are of a good standard, although they are probably not suitable for people who haven’t ridden a motorcycle before due to some tricky hills on the island.

The National Park Entrance

At the end of the main road, just before Saikaew Beach, you will find the entrance to the National Park, most of the beaches in the island are beyond this point, the entrance price is 200b for foreigners and you will receive a ticket that will allow you to go in and out for the whole length of your stay, if you are staying at a hotel that is inside the National Park then it is very likely you will have to pay this charge.


Green pick up truck taxis can be found parked all over the island, they normally display the prices near where they are parked. The price is for the whole taxi, regardless of how many people, so they can be good value if you’re in a group, or bad value if you’re alone or a couple. If you’re getting a taxi from the main pier, it is possible to share if you’re going to a busy location, however most of the time you will find that you have to get your own private taxi.

There are communal taxis which drive around the island (although there’s not many), they can be identified by a white sign in the front window, these work out cheaper for solo travellers or couples.

Koh Samet taxi

Taxis at Nadan Pier

Renting a motorcycle

Koh Samet is a fairly easy island to ride a motorcycle when compared to other islands such as Koh Chang and Koh Phangnan. Rental shops are a common sight on the island, and a typical price is 300b for one day including free gasoline. You may see lots of signs offering motorbike rental for 100b, but that is for just one hour.

Koh Samet bike rental

Local bike rental shop in the village

Koh Samet roads

A typical road on Koh Samet