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Koh Samet Fast Ferry

Koh Samet fast ferry is now operating between Tarua Phe and Na Dan (main pier) on Koh Samet. This brilliant new service now allows visitors to reach the island in approximately 10 mins without having to pay for the more expensive private speed boat rates. The normal ferries can take anywhere from 30 mins to 50 mins for the crossing, add to that the unreliability of the slow boats, you can be sat on a boat sometimes waiting for over an hour just for the boat to leave. Koh Samet fast ferry leaves on time every time, so there is no waiting around in the sun, plus with its air conditioned seating area it makes the journey the most comfortable option by far.

Koh Samet fast ferry is not only the most reliable but by far and away the safest option for getting too and from the island. The catamaran in use was built brand new, specifically for this job and has been specially designed to service tourists coming to visit the beautiful island of Koh Samet, Rayong. Please find below the current timetables and pictures of the boat, keep in mind there are extra boats on weekends and holidays.


Koh Samet fast ferry, Saturday, Sunday and holidays

Current rates at the time of writing for Koh Samet fast ferry are 200 baht per person, one way. If you buy a return ticket the price is 360 Baht return. The office on the mainland is opposite 7/11 at Tarua Phe Pier and on the island you can buy tickets at Na Dan Pier with the blue roof.

Koh Samet fast ferry timetable for Monday to Friday, English

Koh Samet fast ferry Monday to Friday, Thai.

Brand new Catamaran

Aircon Lounge

Reliable and safe

Best seats to have when going to Koh Samet

Koh Samet’s Na Dan Pier, where you can arrive refreshed and relaxed without any of the usual hassle getting to the island.