Explore Koh Samet

Local Secrets

Regular visitors to Samet still continue to find little hidden gems on the island, here are some of our favourites:

Apache Restaurant at Ao Lung Dam

Apache Restaurant at Ao Lung Dam

Apache, Ao Lung Dam

Opposite the main view point looking off to the West of the island, you’ll find Ao Lung Dam. This small beach has a few little hotels, it’s best feature is the rickety wooden pier stretching out, it forms part of Apache Bungalows, and has tables for eating.


The Pier at Ao Luk Yon

The Pier at Ao Luk Yon

Ao Luk Yon

This is a real locals secret, just a few meters away from the main road Nadan pier and the centre of the village, you’ll find this little beach with a photogenic wooden pier going out into the ocean, it’s common to be the only person on the beach, although it does get busy with the local children after school hours.between


The viewpoint

The viewpoint near Ao Phrao




Sunset View point near Ao Phrao

If you want to enjoy a romantic sunset Koh Samet is lucky enough to have several hidden spots, our favourite is located just before Ao Phrao, the only beach on the west side of the island. As the hill drops to go to Ao Phrao, there is a turning to the left and a short but steep slope upwards, this takes you into a youth centre which is normally empty, here they have several pagodas overlooking the ocean, perfect for that sunset photo.



Jungle hill trek

Legend has it that Koh Samet was once a pirate hideout, way up in the jungle on Koh Samet’s second highest peak, you will stumble across a small shrine and a large hole dug straight down into solid rock. This hole is believed to have been dug using dynamite by eager treasure hunters attempting to recover pirate gold. This journey is not for the faint hearted, there are ropes to guide your way and help you to climb, and we recommend wearing trousers and trainers. When you get to the top you will be rewarded with sea views, tranquillity and your very own treasure hunt.