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Things to do

Things to do
Koh Samet is a very laid back and relaxed place to visit. The locals do however offer a wide range of things to do on Koh Samet from the calm, pampering spas and massage treatments available, to the more extreme water sports including jet skiing, parasailing or scuba diving, there is something for everyone. Koh Samet is unlike many other tourist locations in Thailand for many reasons, but the most refreshing has to be the laid back approach of the locals when it comes to selling their trips or other things to do on Koh Samet. You will find very few people chasing you for your business or pushing you to buy their tour, many people assume that means there is not that many things to do on Koh Samet but that is wrong, you just need to know where to look.


Scuba Diving

Samet has 2 dive shops to allow you to experience scuba diving around the island.

Spas and Massage

From little shops on the main street to high class spas, Koh Samet has a wide array of choices for a massage or spa treatment.


Jet Ski

Available only on Saikeaw beach, this high adrenaline water sport is great fun in both calm and wavy seas. Whilst you may hear some bad stories about Jet Ski rental in Thailand, here in Samet we have no issues with the providers and you’re likely to have a great time.

Banana Boat

For some quick and cheap group things to do we can recommend the banana boat. Priced at 1000b for 30 minutes, it’s excellent fun for up to 5 people, meaning the price per person can be a very reasonable 200b.

Rent a motorcycle
Motorbikes are the best way to get around the island, one day hire can be found for 300b for a normal motorcycle, discounts for multiple days are available. We particularly recommend shops along the main road of the island, as these tend to have the best choice and highest quality of bikes available.

Rent a bicycle

At only 7km long, it’s possible to cycle the full length of the island, but beware there are some large hills towards the southern end of the island, so you might find yourself having to push the bicycle.

Go Kayaking
Kayaks can be rented by the hour, half day or full day. They can be rented from various locations on Saikaew Beach. The best selection can be found at Green Bay Resort, just after Sunrise Bar, and hire includes all safety equipment. If you’re planning a long trip, please remember to take water and sun protection.

Boat tours

There are numerous tour operators offering boat tours around Koh Samet, and to the nearby islands of Koh Kudee, Koh Talu and Koh Kham. If you’re located in a main area you can expect to pay 400b for a half day trip around Koh Samet, the full day tours go off to the islands listed above, they include food and are good value at 600b per person. This is perhaps the most popular tour on the island, if you’re here for a few days we would certainly recommend it, however try to choose a day when the sea is calm.


Fishing tours

There is a nightly squid fishing boat where you learn how to squid fish like the professionals and can catch your own squid. Again this activity is more enjoyable when the sea is flat.


Available on Saikeaw beach, parasailing is one of the more popular things to do on Koh Samet, it’s suitable for all members of the family.

See the Big Bhudda

Many people will miss out on seeing this, it’s located on a back road that is often not used by tourists, near to the Lima Bella and Lima Duval resorts.

Things to do - See the Big Buddha on Koh Samet

The Big Buddha on Koh Samet