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Koh Samet Diving guide

Koh Samet is often talked about having pristine white sands and crystal clear waters, this would lead most people to believe Koh Samet would be a prime location for snorkelling and scuba diving. Koh Samet diving options are currently very limited with only One PADI dive centres on Samet although there are plans for at least one new centre to open in the near future. Snorkelling is far easier to find on Samet with daily boat trips out to the nearby islands. There are also trips around the island offering some nice snorkelling sites and an abundance of aquatic life.

Koh Samet dive sites vary from local sites based around Samet that are used daily, to some much further afield that are rarely visited due to the small number of PADI dive tourists Koh Samet has at present. Koh Samet diving in the local area is shallow compared to other locations but that does not stop there being healthy, thriving coral reefs and a growing number of inhabitants.

For more information about Scuba diving and Snorkel trips please feel free to email divekohsamet @ Gmail.com with what you are looking for and the team there will try and help you find what you are looking for. If you have never dived before don’t let that put you off trying it for the first time. The team at Dive Koh Samet can explain more but it is now possible to do a try dive on Samet, one on one with a staff member so you are under supervision at all times. There are obviously certain restrictions due to safety and Coral damage prevention but its still a great way to get a first feel of the underwater world using Scuba equipment.

Ao Phrao Bay

Ao Phrao bay is a popular Koh Samet diving site for PADI beginners and those wishing to refresh their skills. A perfect site for calm shallow dives along a vibrant coral reef with an abundance of aquatic life. This site is also often used for coral conservation projects where the local teams plant stag horn coral in PVC structures creating a small farm that can then be relocated to other sites to help attract more and more aquatic life.

Koh Samet Padi Diving

Clown fish protect their home in Ao Phrao bay

Laem Rua Taek

Just at the mouth of Ao Prao bay to the north this site again offers shallow dives along a rocky coral reef with large schools of fish using the many small openings in the reef for protection from the bigger predators that patrol this reef.

Padi Diving Koh Samet

A cuttlefish camouflages with the white sand bottom

Second bay

This large rocky bay has no beach so it can be very quiet and often you and your divemaster will be alone enjoying the reef only the marine life for company. This tranquil Koh Samet diving site also offers a tight swim through that allows you to test your skills and also observe some of the more reclusive residents on the reef such as sting rays and puffers who use the over hanging coral for cover.

PADI Scuba Diving Koh Samet

Blue spotted stingray relaxes under the swim through at Second Bay

Ao Kiu Na Nai

Starting either from the north or the south of this site can be a real treat for any level diver, as with most Koh Samet diving sites, the depths are not going to push you to your limits but that lets you to spend as much time as your tank allows down there exploring before getting near your RDP limits. There can often be a small current pushing you round the southern corner making the final portion of your dive a relaxing glide by tour of the local marine life.

PADI Scuba Diving Koh Samet

Nudibranch laying her eggs on the coral

Koh Chan

This tiny uninhabited island is home to the local sites deepest area with a soft coral garden lying at approximately 28m. The depth is not necessarily the draw for this site though as there are actually several different routes and heights you can explore along a vast coral reef allowing you to dive this particular site several times taking different routes each time. Being south of the island, this site has far less traffic than most other Koh Samet diving sites and the reef will has less signs of interaction with people, which allows the reef to thrive and the aquatic life to flourish.

PADI Scuba Diving Koh Samet

Beautifully vibrant sea fan coral nestled in among the other coral

San Shalam

Further south of Koh Chan this site is only visible from above water by a few large rocks breaking the surface. The site is named after sharks but they are rare in local waters. Once upon a time they may have been a regular occurrence in Koh Samet diving, but for now they are rarely seen. That doesn’t stop it being a worthwhile dive site. It features large schools of fish and gradual sloping reefs, like many Koh Samet diving sites, this is a calm and relaxing site offering divers a chance to explore the reef and enjoy long dives.

PADI Scuba Diving Koh Samet

Stingray takes cover under the sands at San Shalam

Hin Kow

White Rock is another tiny island to the south east of Samed with a beautiful surprise waiting for divers just below the surface. The eastern reef of White rock boasts a large sea anemone garden with a wide variety of clown fish all living in their city of flowing tentacles which sway with the current. A beautiful site with hidden gems in amongst the reef for all levels to explore.

PADI Scuba Diving Koh Samet

Sea anemone gardens at White Rock

Koh Kudee
Although not normally used as a dive site it has been explored a few times. It is another location where coral farming has been tried in the past but the marine life was never been that plentiful, although it has been increasing slowly over the past few years. Due to the small size of the reef and shallow depths the island is normally used more by the snorkeling trips that take people around the local islands than the koh samet diving teams.
PADI Scuba Diving Koh Samet

PADI Diving Instructor showing off for his students

Koh Talu
This is a small island just off from Koh Samet, also visited by the snorkeling day trippers this area offers a few of the nicer spots around Samet with 3 or 4 different dive spots to be explored. Two of the dive sites are used more often than the other 2 as they are slightly deeper and none of the snorkeling trips tend to use those reefs. The both have an abundance of coral and aquatic live and due to their locations to the small island they are often covered from any strong winds or currents. Due to the fact that they are away from the main island this can be a good spot to see some of the bigger aquatic life with reef sharks, turtles and sail fish all having been seen here in the past.
PADI Scuba Diving Koh Samet

A young Nurse Shark surveying the reef

Hin Puern
This site is almost never used due to the long travel to and from the site, although it has been talked about trying set up a once weekly trip there sometime in the future. This site would take approx 2 hours to reach on a diving liveaboard style boat so it’s well out the way from all the boat traffic that is present around Koh Samet Diving sites. The site is made up of 2 sunken pinnacles with a maximum depth of just over 30m. The site has been dived over the years but very rarely due to the long trip out so it is hard to say what aquatic life is in the area day to day but those who have been are keen to try and open it up to PADI divers.

PADI scuba diving Koh Samet

Sea whips with passing schools of fish