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Koh Samet weather is quite unique to Thailand, it has it’s very own micro climate that results in the some of the lowest rainfall levels for the whole of Thailand. Even in the typical Thai rainy season which is normally months like May, June, July, August and September it is rare to have rainy days on the island. When it does rain, it tends to fall in the early hours of the morning so it will not normally have any impact on your stay. From the chart below you will see that there is little difference in temperature year round, with April being the hottest month, and January the coolest.

High season (the busiest time) in Koh Samet runs from the start of November until mid April, with visitor numbers peaking in January and December, whilst many people consider this to be the best time to visit Koh Samet, the weather here is often fine well outside of these times too. The quietest months of the year are September and October.

To get an up-to-date Koh Samet weather forecast, please click the weather icon on the map of Koh Samet to the right. The weather forecasts for this area always overestimate the rain, probably less than one in five of the rain storms forecast ever arrive to the island.



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